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Hello again everyone.

Obviously, congrats are in order for my partner since 1962 and his new bride.

Good luck Emily and congratulations Mark.

I hereby send out a bouquet of roses to Laura San Giacomo, the beautiful star of t.v.'s "Just Shoot Me" for choosing "Happy Together" by the Turtles as her number one choice of "Records that you Never get Tired of listening To" on VH-1's "The List."

The program aired on May 1. After the entire cast and the audience was polled, we came in 2nd to "Hey Jude" and scored above "Glory Days" for all-time favorite record.

Tell Laura I Love Her.


Thanks to Maya Gallo (her character's t.v. name)...

On to the business at hand.

To wit, Hey there Eddie, what is it that YOU'VE been listening to and reading and watching so far this millennium?

A fair question. Let's go to the CD changer in the Lexus...it holds 6.

Rage Against the Machine...Battle of Los Angeles


Limp Bisquit...Significant Other

Nine Inch Nails...The Fragile

Live at the Palladium... Keith Richards and the X-pensive Winos


I rock, therefore I Keith.


and, no, I haven't forgotten the new Eels album, called "Daisies of the Galaxy". Our friend, the troubled Mr. E, is in less pain this time out. And although this record is not exactly as magical to me as was Beautiful Freak, you'd have to be dead NOT to love this maniac's insane Rundgrenesque introspection and lush studio technique.

Hey, read any good books lately?

I have.

As always.

First, let me call your attention to an item that is as rock and roll as it is literary.

My Own Choice, A Selection of Lyrics....by Keith Reid

This is the Mr. Reid that took our brains to other places throughout the sixties and seventies with his wondrous rhymes and swashbuckling adventures as set to music by the quintessential British band, Procal Harum. Are any of you old enough to remember where you were when you first heard "A Whiter Shade of Pale"? Boy, I do. And A Salty Dog, and Conquistador, and Grand Hotel...the list goes on. And these were not just lyrics although Mr. Reid would have us believe that they are. It becomes clear upon reading these verses that we are, indeed, in the presence of a great poet here. Not just a rocker, but a bard whose words will undoubtedly outlive us all.

I've got to be particularly proud here when I say that the volume of sixty-six pieces has been published by our own Joe Stefko's Charnel House publishing company. Joe goes nuts when he's excited about a project and he's obviously nuts as we speak. He actually went out and had these books hand sewn and hand bound...no machines here...the fabric is beautiful and imported from Japan; it feels magical as you read it, and each page has been uniquely designed to stand as a work of art on it's own. There are leather inlays on the front cover and the spine too. Amazing! Keith signed them and, if that wasn't enough, the books come in a lovely custom slipcase. Such a deal at $200!

It really really is. Readable art, tactile and mentally stimulating as well as an investment that will grow in value as the years go by. Hey, if you're REALLY into it, Joe's got a $600 full Moroccan leather volume of this book that's stamped front and spine with actual 22kt. gold! Email him at CharnelHouse.com

False Memory...Dean Koontz

Now, for all of you out there that have refused to buy DVD players, I can dig where you're coming from.

And if that sounds dated, HA HA, I know you are, but what am I? Spring for the $200, plug the damned thing in, and go to the MOVIES!! I gave in after fighting it for over 2 years...a late starter, like I was with computers.

Fight Club

Being John Malcovich

House on Haunted Hill

The Haunting

...this one isn't. Just wanted to see if I still had your attention. I have a really hard time believing anything Liam Neeson's ever done. And don't even get me started on the one with Meryl Streep! and yes, that means that I've never seen "Schindler's List," but I don't have to.

The holocaust bums me out, dude.


  • X-Files
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Angel
  • Charmed
  • Voyager
  • Poltergeist: the Legacy
  • Psi Factor
  • Politically Incorrect
  • Dennis Miller
  • Chris Rock
  • Malcom in the Middle
  • Stargate SG-1
  • Behind the Music
  • The List
  • E!'s True Hollywood Story
  • Tom Greene
  • Just Shoot Me

Xena, Warrior Princess

Cleopatra 2525

Jack of All Trades

The Others

Earth: Final Conflict

what can I say about the Taelons?

Bald lesbians from outer space?

The Artist Formerly Known as Elian


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