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It's officially summer, MediaHeads, and along with the blazing heat comes a blistering rash of new movies, books and recordings for our collective pleasure. Nice to know that there's some good stuff out there this year.

First of all, let me begin by saying that although I saw "The Truman Show" a couple of weeks ago, I really didn't want to say anything about it til I also got a chance to see the "X-Files" movie. This having been accomplished, I feel that I can now comment.

--then you will learn that I totally enjoyed them both.

Regarding the former, Jim Carrey hasn't even begun to tap into his dramatic talents in a beautiful movie that will be thought of as a minor classic for many years to come. Minor only in the way that "Sullivan's Travels" or "Willie Wonka" is thought of as less than the "Wizard of Oz."

On to "Fight the Future", the "X-Files" movie, which is never called that on the screen except during a single line of dialog. It doesn't HAVE to be called anything...we X-Philes know where it is and what it means when the Truth is a mere eight dollars away.

No promises were made and we fans got a whole lot for our money and our undying loyalty.

Kudos to Chris Carter.

And it's refreshing to see, particularly David Duchovny's face on the Big Screen where it belongs. Gillian is lovely with just enough quirkiness to give her some distance from perfection...a little too much collagen in the lips; a little too much spent on her "working class" tailor-made suits. And she's so diminutive...it makes her easier for Fox to carry through the Antarctic ice flows...

Hang on to those fantasies, boys and girls. Hopefully some novice viewers will join our fanatic ranks as season 6 begins... If not, the millions of the rest of us still leave the theatre feeling like we're an elite group that knows more than we should.

The bad news for fans....no Kryceck; no Mrs. Mulder and no Bill Scully or Agent Spender. The good news: you won't miss them a bit.

CSM (Cigarette Smoking Man) is in rare form and the conspiracy continues to new levels of alien paranoia. Some really taut scenes and great world-wide locations. And a member of the syndicate leaves the cast for good...or so it appears: with the X-Files, we have all learned to Trust No One...especially Chris Carter.




Got your own favorites?? Let me know here at hkaylan@theturtles.com

I have spoken in these pages about another friend of mine, the reknowned fantasy author, Tim Powers, and threatened to enlighten you as to how he got to be such a close compadre. Many years ago, when we were still playing nightclubs as Flo and Eddie and had not yet won the right in court to use the Turtles' name, we did a concert in Southern California. Tim Powers, already a literary hero of ours, and his lovely wife Serena were in attendance and hung out with us backstage. It was there the he was literally cornered by our drummer, the ubiquitous Joe Stefko


was an instant hit and was nominated for Barry Levin's coveted "most collectable" award. Joe bound the volume in blue denim and Tim illustrated his own words with haunting drawings of Byron, Shelley and Keats.

Powers, Tim LAST CALL

another award winner where Joe used the Vegas setting of Bugsy Seigal's world as inspiration for including tarot cards, real Flamingo Hotel poker chips and actual sheets of uncut two-dollar bills as binding materials for this epic. True, these books have all long-since been snapped up by book sellers and us collectors for hefty prices that increase with each year that we hold onto them. (For example, a signed and limited volume of Stephen King's, also designed by Joe and his lifetime partner Tracy Cocoman, originally sold for a whopping $1500.00! Now however, little more than a year later, I've seen it advertised for $4000.00!! Quite a return on one's investment.) Some of us don't collect books just to sell them.

One cannot imagine the tactile pleasure of reading from such a delightfully made volume...for hedonists such as I, it's like smoking a fine Cuban cigar. Only THIS pleasure is legal! ......so far.

Anyway, after producing books under their Charnel House imprint for Tim,

  • Garton, Ray - THE NEW NEIGHBOR
  • Koontz, Dean - DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART and
  • Koontz, Dean - BEASTCHILD


and it's dynamite.

And I'm not just saying so because Joey's our drummer: the story is well crafted and skillfully sparse...perhaps the REAL "Truman Show". In a nutshell, it's about this mysterious Mr. Stanwell who jumps back in time year after year to "fix" things. He has prevented the bomb, Korea, Viet Nam and even Nixon. But as he struggles to make the world a better place, another man, Keith Bondier, finds that HIS world is unraveling and that his blackouts and hallucinations are blurring the lines of his reality. Time begins to overlap, Mr. Stanwell begins to hallucinate as well and suddenly the rip in time is mending unevenly.

That's all I can tell you, except that to hold one of these exquisite books in your hands as you read it is an unparalleled rush. And, check THIS out: This is an original publication and the only edition of the story that even exists! It's printed on Mohawk Vellum (don't feel stupid, I didn't know what that was either!) and Curtis Flannel. (sounds like a sax player I knew once.) A handmade slipcase encloses the volume and they're both covered in Japanese fabrics. Signed and illustrated by Mr. Powers his ownself and limited to only 350 copies--that's all there will ever be!! So, for under a hundred bucks, you get a GREAT read, a tactile pleasure, and the knowledge that you've actually made a wise financial investment. Such a deal!

Click to Amazon.com at the hypertext to order one for your collection....

You'll thank me--it's like getting an insider stock market tip. Or why not get the book directly from Joe and Tracy? Send your paltry $85. (plus $5.00 for shipping) to:


P.O. BOX 633

or email them at CharnelHse@aol.com

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned...

Howard (eddie) Kaylan

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